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Rock N Roll Tequila is produced from the finest Blue Weber Agave fields in the world. Our fields are located inside the “Golden Tequila Triangle” in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico. This is the premium agave growing region of the world.

Rock N Roll Tequila’s story began years ago, but when the Foxx Group acquired majority interest in 2017, it was brought to the mainstage of the U.S. market. Chairman of the board, Kevin Foxx, brought on legendary Hall of Fame football coach Bob Stoops as a partner, along with the Foxx family and friends, and they decided to rebel against traditional standards and opt for a tasting experience unlike any brand on the market.

Along with Master Distiller, Jose Aceves, a third-generation tequila producer known for creating some of the smoothest, purest Blue Weber Agave Tequila on earth, they have created a line up of five award winning tequilas, including their Cristalino Reposado, Cristalino Añejo, and Platinum, plus the first premium Mango and Strawberry flavored tequilas on the market.

Created with the utmost attention to detail, our Ultra-Premium lineup of tequilas are sourced exclusively from the hand-selected Blue Weber Agave grown on Casa Aceves mountaintop fields, deep in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

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