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Fort Lauderdale, Florida (July 27, 2021) – Today, Rock N Roll Tequila announced the release of its newest flavor, Strawberry Tequila, to go along with its lineup of award-winning spirits. The brand new flavor is scheduled for its official launch on July 29th and will be the first premium strawberry flavored tequila launched in the US. Going forward, it will become a key member of their product line which also includes their Mango Tequila, Platinum Tequila, and Cristalino Añejo Tequila.

“We’ve been working hard on Rock N Roll Strawberry for two years now,” said Chris Ferrone, COO & Partner. “Even a global shutdown couldn’t stop us from debuting this amazing tequila to the world in incredible fashion, it has an undeniable taste that’s 100% unique to the category. We’ve seen massive success with our Mango flavored tequila and have no doubt that Strawberry will be just as popular.”

Rock N Roll Tequila, known for its signature guitar-shaped bottles, has taken the approach of creating a line of tequilas that uses nothing but 100% fully-matured Blue Weber Agave from the Highlands of Jalisco, produced and distilled in the masterful hands of Casa Aceves, a third-generation family of tequila producers. The company has elevated tequila to a new level by using the highest quality ingredients in combination with fresh flavors to create a balanced Strawberry tequila that is fruit-forward with a signature agave finish.

Rock N Roll Tequila Strawberry (64 proof, 32% ABV) is available to be pre-ordered online now and will be available in Florida, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and liquor stores throughout the Caribbean in a few short weeks. It will start shipping on their e-commerce site as soon as July 29th, 2021 for $44.99.


About Rock N Roll Tequila:

Rock N Roll Tequila’s story began with an epic journey to the distant Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, when former music producer and Rock N Roll Tequila founder, Andy Herbst, was in search of the perfect premium tequila. Sampling the finest tequilas in the world from the different Mexican haciendas, he teamed up with the most exceptional Master Distiller, Jose Aceves, a third-generation tequila producer known for creating some of the smoothest, purest Blue Weber Agave Tequila on earth.

Since then, both the music genre itself and Rock N Roll Tequila have evolved, transforming the brand into an award-winning tequila known for its defiantly unique bottle and loved for its ultra-premium quality and taste. The Foxx Group ushered in a new era in 2017, putting their own spin on a classic brand, building upon a vision of an ultra-premium tequila that hits all the right notes.

Rock N Roll Tequila is crafted by Master Distiller Jose Aceves of Casa Aceves Spirits, a third-generation tequila producer. Developed by brothers Cesar and Jose with over 30 years of experience in the tequila industry, Casa Aceves produces our complex, premium award-winning tequilas – a new generation of tequila with world-class distinction and sustainability.

Our ultra-premium tequila is sourced from the finest, hand-selected 100% pure Blue Weber Agave from the Aceves family’s mountaintop field in Los Altos, Deep in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

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